I have written extensively on gender and women's organizing in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. More recently, I have been involved in a number of collaborative action research projects in Israel-Palestine and the North of Ireland. Some of these projects are context specific, while others are comparative in scope.

Following is a preliminary assortment of published articles and works in progress. Your comments are welcome. You can email me at:

Selected Publications

Compassionate Resistance A personal/Political Journey to Israel/Palestine

Gender and The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Politics of Women's Resistance. New York: Syracuse University Press, 1995.

Formations and Transformations of Masculinity in the North of Ireland and in Israel-Palestine

Doing Research On/With Women in Conflict Zones: Some Ethical Considerations

Building Bridges over Troubled Waters: Critical Reflections on a recent conference about Palestinian Women and Politics

Gendering Resistance within an Irish Republican Prisoner Community:
A Conversation with Laurence McKeown

HOMEFRONT AS BATTLEFIELD: Gender, Military Occupation and Violence Against Women

"Gendering Conflict and Peace in Israel/Palestine and the North of Ireland" (Millennuim 1999)

"Rethinking Women's Struggles in Israel-Palestine and in the North of Ireland" In Caroline Moser and Fiona Clark, (eds). Victims, Perpetrators or Actors: Gender, Armed Conflict and Political Violence, London: Zed, 2001, pp. 85-98.

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